Puppy Breath

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A new addition to our candle family Puppy Breath for all you animal lovers. The real candle scent is Mango Tango it smells awesome!!

Nothing is cuter that puppies, and everyone is familiar with their endearing puppy breath. Introducing one of our newest scents (Mango Tango) to our funny candle collection. This is the perfect candle for gag gift lovers and puppy lovers alike.

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All of our funny candles are presented in a professionally labeled 6″ tall jar, and include a “funky” smelling removable disc. When the joke is over, and laughter has subsided, you can remove and discard the smelly disc (the patent pending smelly disc smells like his butt). , and then light the candle to enjoy the normal pleasant smelling Wango Mango Tango pure Soy candle.
All of our YankMe Candle gag gift candles are the same size, with different 15 funny names and unique, pleasant scents. All candles are delivered with a complimentary gift box.

Reasons to buy from us and get a Puppy Breath candle at

*100% Soy candles are cool. Paraffin candles suck… and might kill you
*Great value for only $16.99
*Free Gift Box for easy gift wrapping
*Free pen so you can write stuff with if you can get off your keyboard
*Great gag gift for all occassions, birthday’s, all holidays,… losing your virginity party,…. you know just about anything
*Win a Free Blue Topaz ring and if you dont like it sell it for beer money or whatever
*You could spend $16.99 on stupider stuff and not even get a laugh
*If you have no firends to buy you one, buy yourself one and laugh alone
* Best part is 50% of profits go to helpless animals, man’s best friend..What’s a better cause? Now that is no joke

Where can you buy YankMeCandles? Just here on our web site and a few stores here in Melbourne Florida like Hot Flixx… Send us an e mail if you have nothing better to do Thank You!!
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So to recap these are funny candle is a 6″ tall jar with a funky smelling removable disc, when the joke is over you can remove the disc and burn and enjoy the pleasant smelling normal candle. The real candle scent is Wango Mango Tango…. All 15 candles we offer are EXACTLY same size candle just different funny names and real pleasant scents.. All candles are 6″ jar soy candle with FREE gift box buy any 3 candles get a upgraded FREE T Shirt..Buy any 4 or more get a FREE T Shirt and FREE Shipping!!

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    Gave this to my vet for her birthday and she loved it. She ended up getting more of them to give out.

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