Grandama’s Farts

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Peaches and Cream scented 100% Soy Candle
50% of all Profits Go Directly to Animal Shelters
Real scents may vary.
Hilariously Funny USEFUL Gag Gift
Funny Candle, Great Birthday Gift, White Elephant Christmas Gift, Funny Gift



Funnier than a fart in a Space Suit!!!

A fart is bad enough but you don’t need a visual of your grandma farting stuck in your head all day. This one is funnier than Exlax in a Diarrhea Ward!! But the Real candle scent is Peaches N Cream…cause grandma is peachy.

Starting now, we are adding a FREE T Shirt to each and every order!

This is for a very limited time so ORDER TODAY! We may stop this at ANY TIME. But if you order TODAY you are guaranteed to get a FREE T Shirt!! If you order 2 or more you’ll get free shipping! Who doesn’t want FREE SHIPPING?!! And also a FREE Gift Box comes with each and every candle for easier gift wrapping….So this is NO Joke! Order TODAY gets a FREE T Shirt even with just 1 or 2 candles. .Order tomorrow, we might NOT be dong the FREE Shirt!!!

Why buy a normal and BORING Soy candle when you can buy one with a name like Grandma’s Fart??

All of our funny candles are presented in a professionally labeled 6″ tall jar, and include a patent pending “funky” smelling removable disc. When the joke is over, and laughter has subsided, you can remove and discard the smelly disc, and then light the candle to enjoy the pleasant smelling Peaches N Cream candle. Oh and did we say all 15 of our candles are 100% natural and non-toxic Soy? We don’t use cheap inferior paraffin wax like some other guys.

All of our YankMe Candle gag gift candles are the same size, with different 15 funny names and unique, pleasant scents. All candles are delivered with a complimentary gift box.

SPECIAL OFFER: Buy any 3 candles and get a Free upgraded T-shirt, or buy any 2 or more and get a Free T-shirt + Free Shipping (Special offers like Free T Shirts are automatically applied when we process your order)

And don’t forget 50% of our profits go to animal shelters, so make someone laugh and please help our great cause. Thank you

Where can you buy YankMeCandles? Just here on our web site and a few stores here in Melbourne Florida like Longboard House in Indialantic FL. Send us an e mail if you have nothing better to do

Why buy a Grandma’s fart candle from

*Great gag gift for all occasions, birthday’s, office parties, weddings, divorces, make up’s, break up’s, the 4th of July, …whatever

*And a Free ink pen is included, you can write all kinds of things with this incredible plastic pen

*Great gag gift for a friend and if you have no friends, buy one for yourself and laugh by yourself and maybe tell yourself jokes even (but only laugh at the one’s you haven’t heard before)

*Great value for only $19.99 so just BUY one you cheap skate

*100% soy candles that won’t gunk up your lungs and get black stuff all over your furniture like cheap crappy paraffin candles

*You could win a kind of beautiful 2k Blue Topaz ring set in 14k white gold valued at almost $1000. Yes 1 lucky person will win this soon and if you don’t want a ring you can maybe sell it and buy something useful..

*You could spend your money on worse things and not even get a laugh

*Free Gift Box with each candle cause wrapping just a jar looks really bad

*Best for last, 50% of the profits help animals, now that is NO Joke!!

OK so let’s recap to see if you are still reading… This funny candle is a 6″ tall jar with a funky smelling removable disc, when the joke is over you can remove the disc and burn and enjoy the pleasant smelling normal candle. The real candle scent is Peaches N Cream…. All 15 candles we offer are EXACTLY same size candle just different funny names and real pleasant scents… All candles are 6″ jar soy candle with FREE gift box buy any candle get a FREE T Shirt. Buy any 2 or more get a FREE T Shirt and FREE Shipping!!

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